Family Law

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  • Bloomsbury Family Law Briefing
  • 1KBW on Matrimonial Finance Disputes Involving Trusts
  • A Practical Guide to Family Proceedings
  • A Practitioner’s Guide to the Court of Protection
  • Barlow’s Cohabitants and the Law
  • “Child Abduction within the EU”
  • Child Protection and the Family Court: What You Need to Know
  • Children’s Views and Evidence
  • Duckworth’s Matrimonial Property and Finance
  • Family Court Reports
  • “Family Law Advocacy”
  • Financial Abuse of Older Clients: Law, Practice and Prevention
  • Forced Marriage Law and Practice
  • Hershman and McFarlane: Children Law and Practice
  • “International Surrogacy Arrangements”
  • Law and Ethics of Dementia
  • Lawyer’s Costs and Fees: Fees and Fixed Costs in Family Proceedings
  • Marital Agreements and Private Autonomy in Comparative Perspective
  • Mediating International Child Abduction Cases: The Hague Convention
  • Privilege, Privacy and Confidentiality in Family Proceedings
  • Public Children Law: Contemporary Issues
  • Responsible Parents and Parental Responsibility
  • Transparency in the Family Courts: Publicity and Privacy in Practice
  • Youth Court Guide
  • Vulnerable Witnesses within Family and Criminal Proceedings: Protections, Safeguards and Sanctions
  • Child Migration: International Family and Immigration Law

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