Events for practising lawyers to keep up with the latest developments

Bloomsbury Professional Events now run major conferences and smaller seminars for Barristers and Solicitors and those interested in legal practice. Given the pressures on your time, we are developing events across the spectrum; whether you have a few hours to catch the latest developments in one area of law, or you can immerse yourself in a series of topics for the whole day, we have something to offer within our new events selection that meets your criteria.

In 2018 we launched the Bloomsbury Professional Family Law Conference replacing the ever popular former Jordan’s annual event. This proved to be a huge hit, and so we have gone on to develop a series of family law seminars, for this autumn, these bitesize events will be delivered by commentator and trainer, David Burrows and held at Kings College, London.

Please continue to check back for information on events we are running, or attending. And do give us your feedback, we are branching further afield to regional events for 2019 so be sure to let us know where you would like to see us visit and what topics you would like to see more coverage on.