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The 3rd Annual

Bloomsbury Professional
Family Law Conference

17 November 2020 - Online Event

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Platinum Sponsor

Our Family Wizard

The OurFamilyWizard website offers divorced or separated parents a collection of tools to easily schedule parental responsibility and share important family information, manage expenses and create an accurate, clear record of co-parenting communication. OurFamilyWizard has been ordered a number of times in the UK in recent years and since its creation in 2001, OurFamilyWizard has been routinely ordered throughout America and has been ordered in six Canadian provinces as well as Australia, and New Zealand. OurFamilyWizard offers complimentary accounts for families facing financial hardship and we offer discounts for any active or retired members of the Armed Forces.

Gold Sponsors

Ampla Finance

Ampla Finance offers straightforward funding solutions for a range of life events, which require legal expertise.

When individuals are faced with difficult financial and legal issues, your focus is finding a constructive way forward that will secure their long-term interests.

With more than 50 years` experience in the financial services sector, we have created a bespoke legal-costs loan that can be agreed within two working days, through our online platform, the Ampla Hub.

With us on board, funds to cover all the anticipated legal costs for each case are agreed in advance and payments can be approved quickly and easily by your client, freeing you up to focus on what really matters.

We fund Family Law proceedings, including Divorce & Financial Orders, Mediation & Arbitration, ToLATA and Children Proceedings if associated with Financial Orders. In some circumstances, we also offer funding for reasonable living expenses.

Cansford Laboratories

Cansford Laboratories offers the UK’s fastest, highest quality drug and alcohol testing service – making breakthrough scientific support accessible to everyone. 99% of our test results are offered within 3 days of receipt. We also provide test quotes over the phone, and can typically send our dedicated collectors to you within 48 hours – helping your team stay ahead of court-imposed time limits and navigate the challenges associated with testing reluctant donors.

Family lawyers frequently approach us with questions they may have about the drug and alcohol testing process, for instance – what to do when they have different results from different laboratories. We look forward to answering your questions.

Class Legal

Experts in publishing software, books and resources for family lawyers.

Class Legal specialise in tools to help you with your money cases. From resource based software to personalised Duxbury calculations for high net cases and fully comprehensive commentary to potted summaries.

The Iceberg Group

Iceberg now forms part of the Paragon Banking Group (a FTSE 250 UK company) and is one of the UK’s leading providers of finance to the legal profession. Whether law practices are looking to support their specific operating costs, or whether clients are looking for revolving fee funding facilities for divorce and probate matters - Iceberg provides a range of innovative and specifically designed finance products to assist firms and their customers alike.