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Communications Law Handbook

This book provides a detailed analysis of the changes made to the entire EU framework for telecoms regulation in 2003, along with the functional separation of BT in 2005 and the creation of Openreach. Other important acts and directives are also examined, including: The five EU directives (Framework, Access, Universal Service, Authorisation, Data Protection in Electronic Commerce); The 2003 Communications Act; The 2007 Audiovisual Media Services Directive; Regulation of Investigatory... Read more

Telecommunication Laws in Europe

Telecommunication Laws in Europe is a unique guidance book providing a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of telecommunications regulation, law and regulatory practice in Europe, enabling you to: Make valuable comparative analyses with detailed coverage of 34 EU and non-EU countries in a single, accessible source; Ensure that your company’s/clients’ current and future activities do not conflict with the rules outlined in the 2009 EU Regulatory Package; Successfully evaluate opportunities for... Read more

The EU Regulatory Framework for Electronic Communications 2010

Regulation of electronic communications in the 27 EU Member States is increasingly driven by European legislation. This title collects the key European legislation and other instruments pertinent to the electronic communications sector and in some cases is annotated by Michael Ryan and his colleagues. This latest edition has been substantially updated to include: – The core Directives comprising the regulatory framework – The Commission’s Guidelines on market analysis and its... Read more