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Our comprehensive property law list provides expert advice for professionals and students alike and includes titles ranging from Adverse Possession to Agricultural Law to The Law of Compulsory Purchase to Scamell and Gasztowicz on Land Covenants.

In addition, all our professional negligence titles are available as part of our Property and Land Law online service.

Recently Published and Soon to Publish Titles

Our unrivalled title and recently published second edition, Scamell and Gasztowicz on Land Covenants, explores the types of covenants practitioners have to contend with, and offers practical advice in this far-reaching area of law. The title is an established resource for those within property law, covering a complex and broad area of practice.

The new third edition of The Law of Compulsory Purchase details the practice, procedure, policy and valuation of a compulsory purchase and allows readers to find the answers needed quickly and easily. This authoritative book is the sole volume to this complex area of the law.

For practitioners requiring a comprehensive text covering the full spectrum of property issues, our forthcoming publication Property Damage is a vital practice tool. With numerous case law examples to apply, it is an important resource for those with expertise across fields of insurance, construction, product liability and professional liability.
Written by leading practitioners, our property law titles provide valuable advice and guidance. Be sure to browse our most recent and soon to publish titles available below…

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Property Law Books

Land Registry Adjudication

Land Registry Adjudication is the new specialist title covering the process of appearing before the Adjudicator to HM Land Registry – the new judicial proceedings established under the provisions of the Land Registration Act 2002. Written from the viewpoint of the practitioner, this title provides practical advice and guidance for those who find themselves in the midst of, or are contemplating bringing, adjudication proceedings. It guides readers through each procedure... Read more

Localism and Planning

Most radical reforms to planning finally covered in one book Localism and Planning looks beyond the political sound bites to examine the practical, legal and administrative implications of the most radical reforms to the UK planning system in 40 years. For the first time, and in one volume, this brand new title brings detailed commentary together on the vast range of legislative and policy changes that amount to the coalition... Read more

A Practitioner’s Guide to Joint Property

A Practitioners Guide to Joint Property is the only legal reference guide available that focuses solely on joint property, providing practitioners with a unique single reference source. Providing a detailed overview of the various aspects of this complicated subject, from divorce and insolvency to land and chattels, this expert book offers invaluable advice on the pitfalls and problem areas of joint property law, alongside the guidance that will enable you... Read more

Adverse Possession Second Edition and First Supplement to the Second Edition

This is a pack containing Adverse Possession, Second Edition (9781847663726) and Adverse Possession: First Supplement to the Second Edition (9781784512538). Adverse Possession, Second Edition: The second edition of Adverse Possession takes account of legislation and case law including Land Registration Rules 2003, Adjudicator to Her Majesty’s Land Registry (Practice and Procedure) Rules 2003 and Land Registration (Referral to the Adjudicator to HM Land Registry) Rules 2003. This book uniquely deals... Read more

Adverse Possession: First Supplement to the Second Edition

This first supplement brings the second edition, which published in 2011, fully up to date. Read more

Agricultural Law

“This is an excellent and comprehensive book which can be recommended without reservation.” – Conveyancer and Property Lawyer* “An intelligent book… the book’s simple and concise style makes it easy to read and a worthy and lively addition to the existing volumes of the agricultural lawyers’ library.” – Journal of Environmental Law* “Up to date, practical and relevant…should be bought by all agricultural lawyers, land agents and those concerned with... Read more

Amending a Commercial Lease

The 4th edition of this text offers practical information on identifying potential amendments and is written in a highly accessible format, standard lease terms are cited on one page with the relevant commentary given on the opposite. Negotiating tips are included assisting practitioners to develop negotiating tactics and arguments. Read more

Planning Enforcement

Planning Enforcement, 2nd edition covers everything you need to know about the law on development carried out without planning permission or in breach of conditions on a planning permission. The second edition has been completely revised and updated since the previous edition in 1996 to include recent case law and legislation, as well as coverage of several new areas including: Breach of planning control; Time limits on enforcement; The decision... Read more

Planning Permission

The brand new title that sets out the law and practice of planning applications, appeals and challenges, particularly focussing on: -The need for planning permission and the concept of development -Permitted development rights -Applying for planning permission and the consideration of applications by local authorities -Planning appeals -The role of the Secretary of State and the Welsh Ministers -Planning permission granted by development orders Dealing with why planning permission is... Read more

Scamell and Gasztowicz on Land Covenants

Scamell and Gasztowicz on Land Covenants, 2nd edition, brings the material up to date, exploring the types of covenants practitioners have to contend with, and seeking to offer practical advice in this complex and far reaching area of law. The second edition includes coverage of positive covenants and planning covenants which no other title on the market currently offers. A covenant can be either positive or negative. It is important... Read more

Commercial and Residential Service Charges

Commercial and Residential Service Charges is a new title covering this complex area of law for both residential and commercial property. This new title looks at the issues practitioners face when advising clients on service charge disputes including accountability for service charges, budgetary control and certification of actual costs incurred. Commercial and Residential Service Charges covers the following: History and Overview: What is a service charge; Leasehold and freehold charges... Read more

Commercial Leases and Insolvency

The new edition contains: revised emphasis upon Enterprise Act 2002 and “collective” insolvency procedures; a summary of new-style administrations and recent court decisions upon the new procedure; a clear explanation of new rules relating to distributions to creditors and administration expenses; a summary of new commercial rent arrears recovery procedure and abolition of distress for rent; and comment upon important case law including Powerhouse case relating to the effect of... Read more

Spencer Bower: Reliance-Based Estoppel

Spencer Bower: Reliance-Based Estoppel, previously titled Estoppel by Representation, is the highly regarded and long established textbook on the doctrines of reliance-based estoppel, by which a party is prevented from changing his position if he has induced another to rely on it such that the other will suffer by that change. Since the fourth edition in 2003 the House of Lords has decided two proprietary estoppel cases, Cobbe v Yeoman’s... Read more

Commercial Leases and Insolvency

Commercial Leases and Insolvency is accepted as the best source of reference for practitioners advising the parties when a tenant of a commercial property becomes insolvent. It examines a complex range of legal issues covering both the insolvency rules and property law. It also provides an overview of the various procedures available under the insolvency regime and the different contexts within which a lease may operate helping commercial landlords and... Read more

Barlow’s Cohabitants and the Law

As the number of couples choosing to live together (and not to marry) is on the rise, it is essential that access to what their legal rights and obligations are is readily available. The fourth edition of Barlow’s Cohabitants and the Law provides a wealth of both new and updated information on important issues affecting cohabiting couples such as cohabitation agreements, disputes in relation to children, the family home and... Read more

Property Damage

Over the last few years there has been an emerging specialism for property damage. Property damage frequently leads to losses other than the cost of repairing the damage, giving rise to disputes about the extent to which those losses can be recovered from insurers. Insurance companies have increased the number of claims they defend in court and these cases have become progressively more technical, hence the number of cases now... Read more

Ashton & Reid on Clubs and Associations

The diversity and complexity of the legal issues that can arise in the course of the activities of a club, society or association present numerous questions for those advising and managing those bodies for which they need guidance. Problems range from the interpretation of rules to anti-discrimination legislation. Legal issues can span alcohol licensing, charities, company law, employment law, expulsion procedures, litigation, meetings, promotion of lotteries, property law and taxation.... Read more

Planning Enforcement

Planning enforcement is one of the most diverse and complex areas of law. It is primarily concerned with the taking of steps against development carried on without planning permission or in breach of conditions on a planning permission. These powers are principally contained in Part VII of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. They were heavily amended by the Planning and Compensation Act 1991. Subsequent amendments have been made... Read more

Property Professionals’ Negligence and Liability

Provides a comprehensive guide for those advising upon, and dealing with, the civil liability and professional discipline of valuers/surveyors, estate agents and auctioneers. Written by a leading practitioner in the field, it deals with a variety of topics, from general principles to specific situations, providing practical guidance to the regulatory and procedural aspects. The work commences with an overview of the law of professional liability insofar as that is pertinent... Read more

The Law of Liens

A lien is a useful remedial device deployed in a wide range of contexts. The Law of Liens addresses liens and drawing together all threads. Rich in detail and focusing predominantly on case law, the book looks at liens in general terms before dealing with them in a variety of specific contexts e.g. property, workmen, maritime, solicitors. Common law liens, equitable liens and statutory liens are all examined within the... Read more

The Law of Compulsory Purchase

Being spread across several statutes of varying antiquity and many judicial decisions, compulsory purchase and compensation law can appear daunting. This authoritative book is your single accessible volume to this complex and wide-ranging area of the law. The Law of Compulsory Purchase sets out the practice, procedure, policy and valuation of a compulsory purchase and allows you to find the answers you need quickly and easily. It provides a summarised... Read more

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: International Legal and Regulatory Challenges

The importance of blockchain and cryptocurrencies continually evolving. The first book on this increasingly important topic, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: International Legal and Regulatory Challenges, is a pioneering and seminal read which aims to identify regulatory gaps and establish the first applicable legal framework. Written by well-known experts in cyber law, this reference work covers: · Blockchain – IP/ownership/legal consequences of use/areas of regulation · Crypto Assets – Security of wallets/IP/Data... Read more

Waite and Jewell: Environmental Law in Property Transactions

Waite and Jewell: Environmental Law in Property Transactions provides a comprehensive practitioner guide to the environmental issues that arise in property transactions. It is divided into three key sections: 1. Commentary and guidance on the property transaction and identifies where the environmental issues might occur. 2. Broader discussion and explanation of specific environmental law issues that the practitioner needs to know about. 3. Provision of precedents to assist the busy... Read more

Flat Schemes in Residential and Mixed Use Developments

A combined and specialist reference source on the sale and management of flats, the 3rd edition of this practical book provides guidance on all areas of flat conveyancing from the points of view of the developer, landlord and flat buyer. It contains 40 precedents including leases, memorandum and articles of association of tenants’ management company, agreements between developers and tenants’ management company. Read more