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Our practice and procedure portfolio includes expert publications for professionals within this field of law including the looseleaf, Law of Limitation, and books including Limitation of Actions in England and Wales and Privilege and Confidentiality: An International Handbook.

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The forthcoming second edition of Disclosure of Information: Norwich Pharmacal and Related Principles is a practical guide to this important and distinctive power of disclosure. This title considers the current requirements for a successful application. Addressing the English law position and its use in international jurisdictions which have broadly adopted it, alongside the use of it in jurisdictions where it has evolved.

Written by leading practitioners, our practice and procedure titles provide valuable advice and guidance. Be sure to browse our most recent and soon to publish titles available below…

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Disclosure of Information: Norwich Pharmacal and Related Principles

The definition of ‘disclose’ is: ‘to make known to the public information that was previously known only to a few people or that was meant to be kept a secret’ The ‘Norwich Pharmacal’ jurisdiction is a power of disclosure developed in the English Courts that gives a victim suspected of wrongdoing the right, prior to the beginning of any proceedings, to demand from a third party any relevant information or... Read more