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Disclosure of Information: Norwich Pharmacal and Related Principles

Disclosure of Information: Norwich Pharmacal and Related Principles offers clear and concise procedural guidance and comprehensive legal analysis of the key ingredients of the jurisdiction dealing with: · Wrongdoing · Involvement · Necessity · Discretion and scope of relief It is the only book available that deals solely with this important and distinctive power of disclosure developed (and continuing to develop) in the English Courts. This new Second Edition updates... Read more

Commercial Court and Arbitration Pleadings

Commercial Court and Arbitration Pleadings provides detailed, expert guidance on the techniques and skills that can be learnt and built upon by all Barristers and Solicitor Advocates involved in this specialised area of law. Step-by-step the authors explain the applicable rules, advise on the art of good pleading and provide precedents for common forms of pleadings, applications and other formal documents most likely to be encountered in the commercial field.... Read more

Lawyers’ Costs and Fees: Fees and Fixed Costs in Civil Actions

A civil action is any legal action that is not a criminal action. Civil actions are between private individuals, unlike criminal actions which are between the crown and the accused. Examples of civil actions include contractual disputes, personal injury cases, industrial accidents, defamation cases and negligence claims. When the judgment in the case has been delivered, the judge must deal the cost of the case. This may include the fees... Read more

Limitation of Actions in England and Wales

Limitation of Actions in England and Wales provides the most comprehensive, insightful and up-to-date commentary on the limitation provisions and time limits that apply to all civil causes of action. It covers the Limitation Act 1980 together with all amendments to the LA 1980, including those dealing with Latent Damage, Defective Products, Defamation and Arbitration, the Land Registration Act 2002 and the criminalisation of squatting in a residential building by... Read more

Nigerian Evidence Act

Nigerian Evidence Act: Annotated provides interpretation, commentary and analysis of each section of the Law of Evidence Act, as well as relevant case law. The Law of Evidence in Nigeria is a replica of the English Law of Evidence around 1943. It was made applicable in Nigeria on 1st of June 1945. The Law is common to majority of Commonwealth Countries throughout the World. Nigerian Evidence Act: Annotated dissects the... Read more

Privilege and Confidentiality: An International Handbook

Co-published with the IBA Privilege and Confidentiality: An International Handbook provides an overview of legal professional privilege, both legal advice privilege and litigation privilege, and confidentiality for in-house and outside counsel in the following jurisdictions: Australia; Brazil; Canada; Chile; China; England and Wales; Germany; India; Japan; Mexico; Netherlands; Nigeria; Russia; South Africa; Spain; Sweden; Switzerland; Turkey; UAE; USA Each chapter looks at the recent developments in this critical area in... Read more

The New Civil Procedure Rules

David Greene on The New Civil Procedure Rules provides you, the practitioner, with a simple guide to the new Rules. It offers robust guidance to the new regime, comparing old with new procedures and explaining those new concepts which are at the very heart of the reforms. It presents the changes in a style and format which makes the rules easy to assimilate and furnishes you with the answers to... Read more