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Our personal injury law portfolio includes leading titles covering personal injury schedules, limitation and practice.

In addition, all our personal injury law titles are available as part of our Personal Injury Law online service.

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The recently published new fourth edition of Personal Injury Schedules: Calculating Damages, provides everything that the personal injury practitioner needs to calculate damages in a personal injury claim. It is a comprehensive and current analysis of the relevant principles and case law, presented in a convenient handbook style.

Written by leading practitioners, our personal injury law titles provide valuable advice and guidance. Be sure to browse our most recent and soon to publish titles available below…

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Personal Injury Law Books

Litigating Psychiatric Injury Claims

Litigating Psychiatric Injury Claims provides practitioners with an essential guide to handling the complex legal and practical issues arising from psychiatric injury. The authors are the highly experienced solicitors David Marshall and Jenny Kennedy, from specialist London firm Anthony Gold, and barrister Rehana Azib, from leading chambers 2 Temple Gardens. Specialist chapters have also been contributed by Dr Martin Baggeley on the medical aspects and District Judge Elizabeth Batten on... Read more

Mason’s Forensic Medicine for Lawyers

The essential and accessible introductory guide to forensic medicine for legal practitioners, particularly those in criminal law. Designed also to guide medical experts through the various UK legal and court systems, it deals with definitions of offences, the investigation of sudden deaths and the key duties of the expert who gives evidence in court. This sixth edition covers: -An introduction to relevant clinical terms, the systems of the body and... Read more

Medical Treatment: Decisions and the Law

Medical Treatment Decisions and the Law covers an increasingly important area of law, seeking to place medical decision-making in its context and to provide practical guidance to the solution of many problems likely to be encountered in practice. It concentrates on the decisions involved in obtaining authority for the provision, the withholding and withdrawal of physical medical treatment and care and the legal requirements and consequences of the decision-making process.... Read more

Personal Injury Limitation Law

The updated, comprehensive and practical guide to the law of limitation periods in personal injury actions In Personal Injury Limitation Law pitfalls and problems are highlighted and the limitation periods are clearly outlined. All this ensures that practitioners never issue or serve proceedings outside the legal time limits. User-friendly sections. For ease and speed of use, this accessible book is divided into three user-friendly sections. Part one deals with the... Read more

Personal Injury Limitation Law

Providing an exhaustive and systematic analysis of the law of limitation periods in personal injury claims, this is the only text that deals specifically with this complex area of law. Split into three Parts, Part 1 acts as a practical reference guide to all aspects of PI limitation law; Part 2 provides a wealth of case summaries, both reported and unreported; and Part 3 contains relevant legislation and rules. Fully... Read more

Personal Injury Practice

Personal Injury Practice is a step-by-step guide to personal injury litigation practice written by a highly respected team of authors. It provides everything needed to conduct efficient and successful PI litigation for claimants and sets out authoritative guidance at every stage of proceedings from first interview with a client to the end of an appeal. Written in a unique case management-led style, it approaches the subject with best practice always... Read more

Clinical Negligence

Clinical Negligence, Fifth Edition remains the only text of its kind to cover both medical and legal aspects of medical negligence. Written by a team of 54 experts, it continues to provide the most comprehensive and authoritative guidance on all aspects of clinical negligence claims from bringing an action for damages to presenting expert evidence in court. It also includes detailed consideration of funding and cost implications. Those needing clear... Read more

Personal Injury Schedules: Calculating Damages

Personal Injury Schedules: Calculating Damages covers in one single volume all that the PI practitioner needs in order to calculate damages in a personal injury case. It provides a guide to the assessment of damages and presentation of schedules. The emphasis remains on the practical application of the rules and principles involved, covering a variety of claims ranging from the small to the catastrophic. Defendants are also catered for, with... Read more

Lewis and Buchan: Clinical Negligence – A Practical Guide

Professional negligence cases are a minefield and clinical negligence cases are no exception. Providing invaluable advice from the leading experts in the field for each stage in a claim for clinical negligence. Full analysis of the relevant governing procedures and principles is provided, plus issues of funding and costs, including complaints procedures and procedures in the Court of Protection, as well as the interplay with human rights and the role... Read more