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Limited Liability Partnerships Handbook

Limited Liability Partnerships Handbook is a practical guide to the business vehicle which for many is the entity of choice for the forward thinking professional services firm and general businesses. It offers clear descriptions of the nature and consequences of LLPs and assists with the process of conversion from a partnership, covering: the formation of and transfer of a business to an LLP; relationships between members, the LLP and themselves;... Read more

LLP Legislation Handbook

LLP Legislation Handbook is a new title that provides a comprehensive source of legislation as it applies to limited liability partnerships. The enactment of the Companies Act 2006 and its implementation for LLPs in 2009, makes this a timely and invaluable reference book. LLP Legislation Handbook is a unique tool for forward-thinking professional service firms and general businesses who have chosen to become LLPs, and for solicitors and barristers specialising... Read more

Partnership Law

Partnership Law, 5th edition is a comprehensive guide to the modern law of Partnerships, Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships in England and Wales. An authoritative text written by acknowledged leading barristers in the field, it covers all the practical issues inherent in setting up, running and dissolving a partnership and provides a definitive statement of the law using terminology relevant to business practice. It provides practical answers to all... Read more

Partnership Law

Partnership Law, 6th edition provides up to date answers to all questions which can arise on the formation, operation and dissolution of such partnerships and which can arise in disputes between parties, ex-partners and outsiders. Fully revised and updated this new edition will include coverage of: – The introduction of the Private Fund Limited Partnership (PFLP) in 2017 – Application of discrimination law in the context of partnerships/LLPs: Seldon v... Read more

The Law of Limited Liability Partnerships

The Law of Limited Liability Partnerships is the leading text on this popular corporate vehicle. Containing penetrating analysis of problem areas, as well as practical guidance, it comprehensively sets out the law of limited liability partnerships in England and Wales. This fourth edition has been brought completely up to date and includes new chapters on employment and worker status (2012 Court of Appeal decision in Tiffin v. Lester Aldridge LLP;... Read more