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Advertising Law and Regulation

This invaluable guide focuses specifically on advertising law and the myriad rules controlling the advertising industry. It covers all aspects of the law as it affects advertising, from European legislation and copyright law to libel and obscenity laws. It clearly explains the laws, statutes and self-regulatory codes that govern advertising and there are sections given to the specific issues affecting television, radio and cinema. The second edition takes on a... Read more

Clark’s Publishing Agreements: A Book of Precedents

Clark’s Publishing Agreements has long been the ‘must have’ legal resource for the publishing industry. This comprehensive book provides 24 model agreements, from author agreements, to merchandising rights to online licensing to ebook distribution to text and data mining. It includes a “Legal Developments” introduction giving an overview of existing and forthcoming legislation (UK and international). It also covers new initiatives undertaken by the industry and acts as an essential... Read more

Contract and Copyright Drafting Skills

Contract and Copyright Drafting Skills is a brand new title which will help you develop and create greater flexibility in your drafting skills. Using clear explanations and practical examples your ability to write clauses, draft, negotiate, analyse and review contracts will be enhanced. It is designed to be used in conjunction with your own precedent bank or alongside The A-Z of Contract Clauses, Sixth Edition. This title gives guidance on... Read more

Courting Publicity: Twitter and Television Cameras in Court

Courting Publicity: Twitter and Television Cameras in Court is a new title dealing with an incredibly topical subject matter that is only likely to increase in interest in the future and lead to new legislation and case law. It examines the impact on the legal process and those involved, of ever- increasing levels of scrutiny and public attention via new technologies. Contents includes: Courting Publicity Courts and Twitter Cases Media... Read more

Promotional Marketing Law

Promotional Marketing Law: A Practical Guide (previously titled Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing Law: A Practical Guide) offers comprehensive advice on the law relating to sales promotion. This book highlights key developments and helps you to avoid possible legal pitfalls and offers straightforward, no-nonsense advice. It uses a question and answer format for quick reference, saving you valuable time. Covering questions regularly raised by sales promotion and marketing professionals, this... Read more

The A-Z of Contract Clauses

In this high speed world, the ability to turn an agreement around quickly is a necessity for most busy lawyers. The A-Z of Contract Clauses, Sixth Edition is a master toolkit of contract clauses drafted by experts in copyright and contract. Thousands of clauses ready for you to use and adapt – Save time and effort when creating a new licence, option, assignment or agreement for services for a contributor;... Read more

The Media and Business Contracts Handbook

The Media and Business Contracts Handbook, 5th edition is a master reference book combining a knowledge of contract, copyright and commercial practice to provide over 90 ready to use and adapt expertly drafted contracts, licences, acquisition, distribution, termination, buyout agreements and other documents and letters. It provides the tools for the user to construct a contract in a logical format and draft the terms in language that both parties can... Read more