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Our extensive portfolio of local government law titles are written by experts in the field, providing market-leading advice and guidance and supported by key loose-leaf publications.

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Recently Published and Popular Titles

The new fifth edition of Government and Information Rights, is the leading text providing advice on the access, disclosure and retention of government records under UK, EU and ECHR requirements. Written as an essential guide for all those dealing with public authority information, the new edition is extensively revised following numerous developments in both the UK and EU law.

The recently published third edition of The Law of Compulsory Purchase details the practice, procedure, policy and valuation of a compulsory purchase and allows readers to find the answers needed quickly and easily. This authoritative book is the sole volume to this complex area of the law.

Written by leading practitioners in the field, our local government law titles provide valuable advice and guidance. Be sure to browse our most recent and soon to publish titles available below…

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Local Government Law Books

Local Government Contracts and Procurement

Local Government Contracts and Procurement, Third Edition is a truly accessible guide to the complex regulatory regime governing local authority contracting and tendering. The third edition will guide the reader easily through the key stages of a local government procurement exercise, providing detailed coverage of preparation; tendering; selecting; UK and EU constraints, and negotiating and managing commercial contracts. Fully revised and updated, Local Government Contracts and Procurement 3ed provides: Coverage... Read more

Local Government Contracts and Procurement

Local Government Contracts and Procurement, 2nd edition will assist all those advising on or involved in tendering, selecting, negotiating and managing commercial contracts in local government. The book provides invaluable guidance and practical advice, starting with the principles of procurement, detailing the UK and EU constraints moving through to the process of procurement and negotiating the contract. Contractual principles are discussed and the work includes the contents of contracts for... Read more

National Infrastructure Planning Handbook 2018

Would you like to increase the success rate for your projects? Then you need to know how to navigate the six stages of the development consent regime. National Infrastructure Planning Handbook 2018 shows you how to overcome common obstacles to success, through concise case summaries, analysis and discussion. Contents – The Examining Authority and the Secretary of State – National Policy Statements – Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects – Requirement for... Read more

Pease and Chitty’s Law of Markets and Fairs

Containing in-depth commentary and analysis on the history of market and fair rights together with current developments in the law relating to franchise and statutory markets in the UK, Pease and Chitty’s Law of Markets and Fairs is the leading authority covering this complex area of law in the UK. Concentrating on certain aspects of practice and procedure, it provides practical guidance for local government and land law practitioners in... Read more

Planning Permission

The brand new title that sets out the law and practice of planning applications, appeals and challenges, particularly focussing on: -The need for planning permission and the concept of development -Permitted development rights -Applying for planning permission and the consideration of applications by local authorities -Planning appeals -The role of the Secretary of State and the Welsh Ministers -Planning permission granted by development orders Dealing with why planning permission is... Read more

Planning Policy

The making of planning policy is a major political and legal issue and there is currently a considerable focus by the government in England, Wales and Northern Ireland on local plan policy making. The current climate is characterised by government concern at the slow pace of local plan adoption in England, the controversial introduction of neighbourhood planning, new strategic planning tools with the Planning (Wales) Act 2015 and local development... Read more

Smith and Monkcom: The Law of Gambling

Smith and Monkcom: The Law of Gambling, Fourth Edition provides a detailed and practical explanation of legislation covering casinos, betting shops, bingo halls, amusement arcades, pubs and clubs with gaming machines and lotteries. This important book provides a detailed and practical explanation of the legislation by detailing the purpose of the legislation, how to apply for operating licences, premises licences and personal licences, the conditions attached to licences and enforcement... Read more

Cornerstone on Mandatory, Additional and Selective Licensing

Cornerstone on Mandatory, Additional and Selective Licensing provides an authoritative guide to the licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation and other residential premises under Parts 2 and 3 of the Housing Act 2004. The book offers practical advice and guidance to local authorities and landlords on the licensing requirements as of 2017. The changes brought in during 2017 present a considerable challenge to local authorities as they will become responsible... Read more

Statutory Nuisance

Guiding you through each step, Statutory Nuisance takes you from initial assessment of a potential nuisance, through document drafting to the magistrates’ court and beyond to the higher courts. Clear, readable and user friendly this book provides lucid explanation, practical guidance and the primary materials needed in court – all in one handy volume. Accessible to the layman, yet illuminating to the experienced practitioner, this title expresses a view on... Read more

Cornerstone on Anti-social Behaviour

With the introduction of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, victims of anti-social behaviour also now have tools to enable them to insist on a response to a problem where nothing seems to have been done. It sets out the following six tools which came into use from October 2014: 1. Injunction 2. Criminal Behaviour Order 3. Dispersal Powers 4. Community Protection Notices and Orders 5. Public Spaces... Read more

Cornerstone on Councillors’ Conduct

Cornerstone on Councillors’ Conduct identifies and explains the law following the changes implemented by the Localism Act 2011 in relation to the standards system governing the conduct of elected members in Local Government. With a practical focus it addresses questions such as “How do I draw up a local standards code?”, “Do I need a local standards committee?” and “How do I go about challenging a member’s conduct?” Covers the... Read more

Cornerstone on Social Housing Fraud

Cornerstone on Social Housing Fraud is a new title explaining the civil and criminal law, including evidence gathering, pertaining to social housing fraud. According to government estimates, at least 100,000 social housing properties are the subject of housing fraud. In response to this, the Government introduced the Prevention of Social Housing Fraud Act. The Act has made tenancy fraud a criminal matter – and local authorities have the power to... Read more

Cornerstone’s Electoral Legislation 2016

Cornerstone’s Electoral Legislation covers the five principal kinds of UK elections: Parliamentary; European; Local Government; Parish; and Referendums. The legislation governing the conduct of elections is necessarily technical and highly prescriptive with electoral officers expected to absolutely adhere to the rules. As legislation is amended every year this title enables electoral officers ready access to up-to-date legislation. This is a new title in the ‘Cornerstone’ series which is published with... Read more

Planning Enforcement

Planning enforcement is one of the most diverse and complex areas of law. It is primarily concerned with the taking of steps against development carried on without planning permission or in breach of conditions on a planning permission. These powers are principally contained in Part VII of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. They were heavily amended by the Planning and Compensation Act 1991. Subsequent amendments have been made... Read more

The Law of Compulsory Purchase

Being spread across several statutes of varying antiquity and many judicial decisions, compulsory purchase and compensation law can appear daunting. This authoritative book is your single accessible volume to this complex and wide-ranging area of the law. The Law of Compulsory Purchase sets out the practice, procedure, policy and valuation of a compulsory purchase and allows you to find the answers you need quickly and easily. It provides a summarised... Read more