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Mediation Advocacy

Are you getting the best out of mediation? Written by an active practising mediator, Mediation Advocacy: Representing and Advising Clients in Mediation takes you inside the mediation process, from the initial consideration of mediation to settlement and beyond. Drawing on current practical experience and the latest behaviour research in clear readable language it deals with the legal, financial, psychological and practical dimensions of mediation. A ‘how to do it’ guide... Read more

Commercial Agency Agreements: Law and Practice

Commercial Agency Agreements: Law and Practice, 4th edition looks at the standard commercial agency agreement where an agent is self-employed and paid a commission on sales he or she generates for the principal as it is those agents that fall within the Regulations. It addresses the drafting of such agreements as well as termination and compensation and includes examples of agency contracts and coverage of the majority of UK judgments.... Read more