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A User’s Guide to Data Protection: Law and Policy

Data Protection is a minefield of complex rules and regulations. It is an area of law that impacts on every organisation, large or small, that handles personal data. A User’s Guide to Data Protection: Law and Policy, Third Edition sets out all the compliance issues that organisations need to be aware of in order to successfully comply with UK data protection rules and regulations, along with a full assessment of... Read more

Information Technology and Intellectual Property Law

Information Technology and Intellectual Property Law is a complete exploration of the relationship between information technology and intellectual property laws a very wide-ranging and complex, ever changing area of law. It provides up-to-date coverage and analysis of the intellectual property laws applicable to all forms of computer software. placing the law in the context of computer use examining copyright, database rights, patents, trade marks, design rights and the law of... Read more

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Legal and Regulatory Challenges

As a result of the criticism of the way banks were looking after savings following the financial crisis of 2008, cryptocurrencies originated as an alternative digital currency system. The first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was released in 2009 and whilst it is probably the most popular cryptocurrency, there are now approximately 1300 cryptocurrencies with a worth of £500 billion. Blockchain is the payment processing technology underlying cryptocurrencies. All cryptocurrency transactions are saved... Read more