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Our insurance law list includes leading titles such as Insurance Claims, Houseman’s Law of Life Assurance, Chalmers’ Marine Insurance Act 1906 and newer titles including Consumer Insurance Law: Disclosure, Representations and Basis of the Contract Clause.

In addition, all our insurance law titles are available as part of our Insurance Law online service.

Recently Published and Soon to Publish Titles

The new edition of Chalmers’ Marine Insurance Act 1906 provides the user with a guide to, and an understanding of how the Act has evolved and how it is practically implemented. It is an established reference point for those involved in any aspects of marine insurance.

Practitioners needing expertise across fields of insurance, construction, product liability and professional liability, will find our upcoming new title, Property Damage, a vital tool for their practice. This book provides a comprehensive text covering the full spectrum of issues and with numerous case law examples to apply.

Written by leading practitioners in the field, our insurance law titles provide valuable advice and guidance. Be sure to browse our most recent and soon to publish titles available below …

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Insurance Law Books

Consumer Insurance: Law, Regulation and the Financial Ombudsman Service

Consumer Insurance: Law, Regulation and Ombudsman Approaches is the first practitioner guide to focus on consumer insurance law and will cover two recent pieces of legislation; the Insurance Act 2015 and the Consumer Insurance (Disclosure and Representations) Act 2013. This work will arm practitioners with the essential knowledge they need to carry out their jobs effectively by providing guidance not only on the law but also on the regulation and... Read more

Conduct and Accountability in Financial Services

The aftermath of the financial crisis sparked major changes in global financial services regulation. Following the immediate priorities to stabilise and repair firms’ balance sheets and implement liquidity and capital reforms, regulators’ attention and resources soon focused on the behaviour of firms. In particular, senior individuals and how they conducted their business. It is widely acknowledged that culture and conduct are root causes of the financial crisis and regulatory reforms... Read more

Chalmers’ Marine Insurance Act 1906

Chalmers’ Marine Insurance Act 1906 is far more than a piece of annotated legislation; it includes case law with analysis and puts the decisions made in the individual cases into the context of Act. There is no other book or electronic service that does this. As marine insurance is encompassed by the Marine Insurance Act 1906 this book provides the user with an unrivalled guide to, and understanding of how... Read more

Property Damage

Over the last few years there has been an emerging specialism for property damage. Property damage frequently leads to losses other than the cost of repairing the damage, giving rise to disputes about the extent to which those losses can be recovered from insurers. Insurance companies have increased the number of claims they defend in court and these cases have become progressively more technical, hence the number of cases now... Read more