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Child Migration: International Family and Immigration Laws

The Office of the Head of International Family Justice for England & Wales (created in 2005) has advised on ‘The need for all involved in family law to integrate a trans-national mind-set into their approach to resolving cases …, especially given globalisation, increasing movement of persons across borders, and the ever rising number of family units which are truly international.’ Child Migration: International Family and Immigration Laws serves to fill... Read more

A Practical Guide to INTERPOL and Red Notices

Cross-border investigations are on the increase; are you confident that you can effectively challenge a Red Notice? The last thirty years have seen a huge increase in co-operation between international law enforcement agencies in relation to the investigation of cross-border and transnational crime. A significant contributor to this increased co-operation is INTERPOL, which has a significant role in the sharing of intelligence and the circulation of Red Notices. This comprehensive... Read more

Criminal Records, Privacy and the Criminal Justice System: A Handbook

The state has a long memory, and arguably its keenest powers of recollection are reserved for those who come into contact with the criminal justice system. From the moment of an arrest until many years after a conviction or caution, a person may be exposed to real reputational damage that continues to impact on their professional and personal lives. In many cases, sensitive personal data will be retained or records... Read more