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Cornerstone on Information Law

Cornerstone on Information Law is aimed at data protection officers and practitioners in Freedom of Information (‘FOI’)/environmental information; and also at lawyers, who may oversee their work but who are likely to have general rather than specialist knowledge in this area. FOI/environmental information practitioners are to be found in small teams in most public authorities (eg local and central government, quangos, universities, regulatory bodies). They handle information requests from the... Read more

Cornerstone on Mandatory, Additional and Selective Licensing

Cornerstone on Mandatory, Additional and Selective Licensing provides an authoritative guide to the licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation and other residential premises under Parts 2 and 3 of the Housing Act 2004. The book offers practical advice and guidance to local authorities and landlords on the licensing requirements as of 2017. The changes brought in during 2017 present a considerable challenge to local authorities as they will become responsible... Read more

Cornerstone on Local Authority Prosecution and Enforcement

This book covers all enforcement activities of local authorities, in an accessible manner including tables, flow-charts, worked examples and precedents to illustrate practical enforcement measures. Read more