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Whether you are a mediator, lawyer, non-lawyer, new or experienced, or representing clients in mediation or yourself, Bloomsbury Professional provides authoritative advice and guidance for you.

Our market-leading, innovative content, in both online and print, covers commercial, workplace, employment and international mediation. Topics such as how to build a successful mediation business and mediating clinical claims are also covered. Future topics include family mediation. Written by leading experts such as Tony Allen, Eileen Carroll QC (Hon), Clive Lewis, Karl Mackie, David Richbell and Stephen Walker, Bloomsbury Professional’s content ensures that all those involved in mediation get the best outcomes.

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Mediating Clinical Claims

The NHS Litigation Authority (now NHS Resolution – ‘NHSR’) 2015/16 annual report stated that the authority received 10,965 clinical negligence claims. The estimated proportion of what the NHS expend on legal costs is over one-third of their total outlay. The efficient, economic and acceptable resolution of clinical claims is a matter of pressing urgency for the cash-strapped NHS. As part of its examination into the best ways to achieve efficient,... Read more

Mediation Advocacy: Representing Clients in Mediation

Mediation Advocacy: Representing Clients in Mediation reveals how to get the best out of mediation, taking the mediation advocate inside the process: from the initial consideration of mediation to settlement and beyond. It teaches the legal, financial, psychological and practical dimensions of mediation. In using behavioural research, and practical experience, it explains what really happens at mediation, highlighting the traps to avoid, and shows mediation advocates how to negotiate effectively.... Read more

Disclosure of Information: Norwich Pharmacal and Related Principles

The definition of ‘disclose’ is: ‘to make known to the public information that was previously known only to a few people or that was meant to be kept a secret’ The ‘Norwich Pharmacal’ jurisdiction is a power of disclosure developed in the English Courts that gives a victim suspected of wrongdoing the right, prior to the beginning of any proceedings, to demand from a third party any relevant information or... Read more

Mediation Law and Civil Practice

Mediation Law and Civil Practice examines the position of mediation within the civil justice system in England and Wales. It explains and challenges current thinking about mediation, identifying ways for the government and judiciary to improve the delivery of justice through greater trust in the process. It traces the evolution of the relationship between the courts and mediation, discussing all the significant judgments relating to mediation over the last 25... Read more