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Our data protection portfolio is compiled by some of the best authors in their field, with titles ranging from A User’s Guide to Data Protection: Law and Policy to Cornerstone on Information Law.

In addition, all our data protection titles are available as part of our online services.

Recently Published and Soon to Publish Titles

The new UK Data Protection Act 2018 and recent introduction of GDPR means that data protection is a hot topic for businesses. The new third edition of our ‘go-to’ publication, A User’s Guide to Data Protection: Law and Policy, details all the compliance issues around UK data protection rules and regulations. Offering guidance through the complex web of data protection issues concerning customers, prospective customers and users.

Cornerstone on Information Law is a new practical guide to data protection law, FOI and environmental information regulations. Aimed at data protection officers and practitioners in Freedom of Information (FOI)/environmental information, alongside their lawyers that may hold a general rather than specialist knowledge in this area.

The new fifth edition of Government and Information Rights, is the leading text providing advice on the access, disclosure and retention of government records under UK, EU and ECHR requirements. Written as an essential guide for all those dealing with public authority information, the new edition is extensively revised following numerous developments in both the UK and EU law.

Our data protection publications provide valuable advice and guidance to support the study and practice of others. Be sure to browse our most recent and soon to publish titles available below…

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Data Protection Books

A User’s Guide to Data Protection: Law and Policy

Are you ready if a client wishes to make a data protection claim, or needs to defend one? A User’s Guide to Data Protection: Law and Policy, Third Edition sets out all the compliance issues that organisations need to be aware of to successfully comply with the UK data protection rules and regulations, along with a full assessment of the EU Data Protection Regulations and their impact on UK practice.... Read more

Cyber Security: Law and Guidance

Implementing appropriate security measures will be an advantage when protecting organisations from regulatory action and litigation in cyber security law: can you provide a defensive shield? Cyber Security: Law and Guidance provides an overview of legal developments in cyber security and data protection in the European Union and the United Kingdom, focusing on the key cyber security laws and related legal instruments, including those for data protection and payment services.... Read more

Criminal Records, Privacy and the Criminal Justice System: A Handbook

The effect of a criminal record or arrest can be long-lasting and damaging. Setting out the steps that can help clients to navigate the effect of their criminal record, improve their job prospects, and protect against harmful disclosure of their private life. Criminal Records, Privacy and the Criminal Justice System: A Handbook is a primer on the law and available applications to be taken for clients relating to privacy, criminal... Read more

Cyber Security and the GDPR

Whilst preparing for the GDPR has been a focus for the last two years for all organisations, there is a limited understanding of the link between cyber security and the GDPR. In Part I the book provides the basics of cyber security covering privacy points where relevant and Part II focuses on the GDPR and the crossover with cyber security and also includes case studies. With many high level data... Read more