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With some of the best authors in the field, our criminal law portfolio covers an extensive range of topics including criminal appeals, human trafficking and modern slavery, drugs offences, criminal disclosure, fraud and sexual offences.

Recently Published and Soon to Publish Titles

A Practical Guide to INTERPOL and Red Notices covers an area of law that is extremely difficult to achieve clarity on. This new title puts context around red notices, providing the legal basis and how it might be challenged, alongside giving a historic and structural explanation of INTERPOL. The book also includes a comprehensive set of Appendices of all relevant INTERPOL Resolutions, Statues and Operating Rules – providing a unique single resource for this information.

Our essential new text, Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Law and Practice provides a practical guide for criminal and immigration practitioners. As a concise manageable text, this book is a quick reference guide for use by practitioners at court and at all stages through the justice and immigration system.

With complex evidential and litigation issues, The Drugs Offences Handbook is a vital resource for criminal law practitioners, alongside being an important guide for professionals within drugs agencies, counselling agencies and expert witnesses.

Terrorism Law Handbook, due to publish in 2019, provides practitioners with a practical, user-friendly and comprehensive guide to terrorism law and practice in this high profile and expanding field. It includes detailed coverage from arrest through to trial and sentencing and will cover the Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill 2018.

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Criminal Law Books

The Drugs Offences Handbook

The Drugs Offences Handbook provides a comprehensive, focused and concise analysis of the often complex evidential and litigation issues that relate to drugs cases. The law relating to drugs has the broadest span of any specialist area within crime. Evidentially it includes the forensic examination of drugs themselves and evidence linking individuals to drugs, as well as cell site analysis, interrogation of computers and mobile telephones, police powers of search,... Read more

Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery: Law and Practice

Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Law and Practice is a concise, practical, guide to modern slavery and human trafficking law and procedure, in a step by step format, covering all aspects of representing victims of human trafficking and the law surrounding this. Its cross-discipline approach offers practical guidance for criminal and immigration practitioners unfamiliar with each side of these practice areas. Covers the following areas: Introduction – legal background, framework,... Read more

A Practical Guide to INTERPOL and Red Notices

Red Notices are issued by INTERPOL in response to a request by a national police force to locate a wanted person and have them arrested for the purposes of extradition to the requesting state. There is no single practitioner guide to this important process and, in fact, it is an area of law that is extremely difficult to get clarity on. A Practical Guide to INTERPOL and Red Notices puts... Read more

HSE and Environment Agency Prosecution: The New Climate

The number of company directors and senior managers prosecuted for health and safety and environmental offences has increased since new Sentencing Guidelines were introduced in February 2016 and February 2014 respectively. Health and Safety prosecutions alone have trebled between 2015 and 2016. The new Sentencing Guideline toughened penalties for health and safety and corporate manslaughter offences. Under the new measures, which is having the biggest impact on companies in the... Read more

International Guide to Money Laundering Law and Practice

Starting with an overview of the development of money laundering and the work of international organisations, International Guide to Money Laundering Law and Practice is a unique publication providing a detailed insight into the background of money laundering operations, clearly explaining the anti-money laundering laws and regulations in 35 key global financial centres throughout the world. In addition, there are four chapters considering money laundering law and practice in the... Read more

Cyber Security: Law and Guidance

What is cyber security? Cyber security is concerned with both the security of cyber space and the security of entities that use or rely on cyber space such as: – The internet and the world-wide web. – The facilities and apparatus that underpin and connect the internet and the world-wide web (for example, telecommunications, internet access and internet service provision). – The facilities and apparatus that support the provision of... Read more

Confiscation Law Handbook

Confiscation Law Handbook, Second Edition provides practitioners with a practical, user-friendly guide to this complex area of law. The clear analysis of legislation and proliferating case law allows principles to be quickly identified and understood. A stage by stage explanation of the procedural requirements ensures that required forms and responses are completed well and within time limits. Since the first edition, there have been a number of significant developments, most... Read more

Vulnerable Witnesses within Family and Criminal Proceedings

Vulnerable Witnesses within Family and Criminal Proceedings: Protections, Safeguards and Sanctions addresses both the legal consideration with respect to vulnerable people being able to provide evidence in proceedings, and the protections and special measures available not only while proceedings are ongoing but also both pre- and post-proceedings, including anonymity and protective orders. The main focus of the book is to give direct information as to the legislation, regulations and authorities... Read more

Criminal Records, Privacy and the Criminal Justice System: A Handbook

The state has a long memory, and arguably its keenest powers of recollection are reserved for those who come into contact with the criminal justice system. From the moment of an arrest until many years after a conviction or caution, a person may be exposed to real reputational damage that continues to impact on their professional and personal lives. In many cases, sensitive personal data will be retained or records... Read more

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Legal and Regulatory Challenges

As a result of the criticism of the way banks were looking after savings following the financial crisis of 2008, cryptocurrencies originated as an alternative digital currency system. The first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was released in 2009 and whilst it is probably the most popular cryptocurrency, there are now approximately 1300 cryptocurrencies with a worth of £500 billion. Blockchain is the payment processing technology underlying cryptocurrencies. All cryptocurrency transactions are saved... Read more