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With some of the best authors in the field, our criminal law portfolio covers an extensive range of topics including criminal appeals, human trafficking and modern slavery, drugs offences, criminal disclosure, fraud and sexual offences.

Recently Published and Soon to Publish Titles

A Practical Guide to INTERPOL and Red Notices covers an area of law that is extremely difficult to achieve clarity on. This new title puts context around red notices, providing the legal basis and how it might be challenged, alongside giving a historic and structural explanation of INTERPOL. The book also includes a comprehensive set of Appendices of all relevant INTERPOL Resolutions, Statues and Operating Rules – providing a unique single resource for this information.

Our essential new text, Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Law and Practice provides a practical guide for criminal and immigration practitioners. As a concise manageable text, this book is a quick reference guide for use by practitioners at court and at all stages through the justice and immigration system.

With complex evidential and litigation issues, The Drugs Offences Handbook is a vital resource for criminal law practitioners, alongside being an important guide for professionals within drugs agencies, counselling agencies and expert witnesses.

Terrorism Law Handbook, due to publish in 2019, provides practitioners with a practical, user-friendly and comprehensive guide to terrorism law and practice in this high profile and expanding field. It includes detailed coverage from arrest through to trial and sentencing and will cover the Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill 2018.

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Criminal Law Books

365 Daily Advocacy Tips

“This book is a good idea…What I like is there will be one idea every day – and only one. Your mind will not get jumbled. Think on what you read…. Some ideas you will like. Others may not work for you. With advocacy, this is always the way. But the point is to try things out – one day at a time.” Iain Morley QC, author of The Devil’s... Read more

A Guide to the Immigration Act 2016

A Guide to the Immigration Act 2016 is produced in association with ILPA and provides a clear and straightforward explanation to the provisions of this legislation, with relevant commentary following each section of the Act. Those litigating will be able to identify all relevant sources and materials rapidly. Practitioners from other areas of law affected by the provisions in the context of housing, social welfare and employment law will be... Read more

A Practitioner’s Guide to Commercial and Cyber Fraud

Fraud on businesses is a perennial problem and the levels of fraud reported in England and Wales are increasing year on year, especially in relation to cyber fraud. With cases of this nature being brought before both civil and criminal courts lawyers specialising in fraud litigation need to have combined civil/criminal expertise to be able to properly advise their clients. A Practitioner’s Guide to Commercial and Cyber Fraud: Claiming Compensation... Read more

Market Abuse and Insider Dealing

Market Abuse and Insider Dealing, 3rd edition provides a comprehensive exposition of the law of insider dealing and market abuse, including analysis of the interplay between UK Criminal law and Administrative law regulation of abusive behaviour in the UK financial markets. The title covers areas including: Insider dealing – the civil law; The main offences for insider dealing; Market abuse – regulatory discipline and the civil law; Fraud offences as... Read more

A Practitioner’s Guide to Ancillary Orders in Criminal Courts

“This book provides a clear analysis of those possibilities [created by the myriad of ancillary orders] and is to be welcomed: it will help judges and practitioners navigate the complex landscape that the law has created. [It] sets out the criteria and law surrounding orders and explains them clearly and in detail: it addresses an often overlooked area of the law but one that it is essential we understand and... Read more

Mason’s Forensic Medicine for Lawyers

The essential and accessible introductory guide to forensic medicine for legal practitioners, particularly those in criminal law. Designed also to guide medical experts through the various UK legal and court systems, it deals with definitions of offences, the investigation of sudden deaths and the key duties of the expert who gives evidence in court. This sixth edition covers: -An introduction to relevant clinical terms, the systems of the body and... Read more

The Drugs Offences Handbook

The Drugs Offences Handbook provides a comprehensive, focused and concise analysis of the often complex evidential and litigation issues that relate to drugs cases. The law relating to drugs has the broadest span of any specialist area within crime. Evidentially it includes the forensic examination of drugs themselves and evidence linking individuals to drugs, as well as cell site analysis, interrogation of computers and mobile telephones, police powers of search,... Read more

Abuse of Process in Criminal Proceedings

Abuse of Process in Criminal Proceedings, 4th edition is the essential practitioner’s guide to all areas of the law relating to abuse of process in criminal law – including delay, breach of promise, non-disclosure, the destruction of evidence, entrapment, abuses of executive power, and extradition. Both learned and immensely practical, this book provides a thought-provoking analysis of underlying issues and will help you to quickly assimilate and understand the evolving... Read more

Bribery: A Compliance Handbook

“One of the great strengths of this book is the way the authors blend good practical legal advice, genuine insight about the attitude and approach of the authorities in the UK, and off-the-shelf policies to help corporate bodies navigate their way through these often difficult waters… The game has changed and those who ignore the practical advice offered in this book do so at their own peril.” Sir Keir Starmer... Read more

Confiscation Law Handbook

Confiscation Law Handbook, Second Edition provides practitioners with a practical, user-friendly guide to this complex area of law. The clear analysis of legislation and proliferating case law allows principles to be quickly identified and understood. A stage by stage explanation of the procedural requirements ensures that required forms and responses are completed well and within time limits. Since the first edition, there have been a number of significant developments, most... Read more

Children’s Views and Evidence

Can you hear the child’s voice? The Court of Appeal have commented that the family courts are ‘still feeling their way forward in order to determine how best to ‘hear the voice of a child’. In this new title David Burrows looks at the jurisprudence surrounding this remark, relates it to European and UN Convention rights and looks at the most recent children case law. It concentrates on: Children in... Read more

Terrorism Law and Practice Handbook

Terrorism Law Handbook provides practitioners with a practical, user-friendly and comprehensive guide to terrorism law and practice in this high-profile and expanding field and includes detailed coverage from arrest through to trial and sentencing. Each chapter sets out an overview, definitions, key legislation and case law and include checklists and tables to highlight key points of practice and procedure. The main content covers: (a) the investigation and detention stage, including... Read more

Richardson and Clark: Sexual Offences A Practitioner’s Guide

Richardson and Clark: Sexual Offences A Practitioner’s Guide is an authoritative, practical handbook on the law relating to sexual offences. Covering the 70+ sexual offences currently on the statute books, each is dealt with individually by addressing the elements the prosecution must prove, potential defences, likely issues, jurisdiction and sentence. Charts and flow diagrams allow quick access to information during crucial time-sensitive situations, such as the post-arrest questioning of the... Read more

Commercial and Cyber Fraud: A Legal Guide to Justice for Businesses

It is estimated that there are over five million incidents of fraud and two million cyber-related crimes committed annually in the UK costing approximately £193 billion with organisations losing £183 billion per year. Aimed at business directors, business owners, in-house lawyers and managers, forensic accountants and non-UK lawyers, Commercial and Cyber Fraud: A Legal Guide to Justice for Businesses sets out the legal process, from discovery of the crime and... Read more

Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery: Law and Practice

Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Law and Practice is a concise, practical, guide to modern slavery and human trafficking law and procedure, in a step by step format, covering all aspects of representing victims of human trafficking and the law surrounding this. Its cross-discipline approach offers practical guidance for criminal and immigration practitioners unfamiliar with each side of these practice areas. Covers the following areas: Introduction – legal background, framework,... Read more

Confiscation Law Handbook

A practical handbook suitable for the busy practitioner or practitioner new to the field dealing with all the basic aspects of confiscation law including civil remedies. This book is useful for those giving advice at trial stage on the future impact of confiscation proceedings. A clear analysis of the proliferating caselaw in the field allows principles to be quickly identified and understood and a stage by stage explanation of the... Read more

International Guide to Money Laundering Law and Practice

Starting with an overview of the development of money laundering and the work of international organisations, International Guide to Money Laundering Law and Practice is a unique publication providing a detailed insight into the background of money laundering operations, clearly explaining the anti-money laundering laws and regulations in 35 key global financial centres throughout the world. In addition, there are four chapters considering money laundering law and practice in the... Read more

HSE and Environment Agency Prosecution: The New Climate

Sentencing guidelines impose tough penalties for health and safety and environmental offences: how can you avoid them? The introduction of the sentencing guidelines in February 2016 has seen health and safety prosecutions treble, particularly in relation to corporate manslaughter, with tougher penalties imposed and fines exceeding £20 million being handed down. With fines having a detrimental effect on both turnover and reputation, how can companies protect themselves? HSE and Environment... Read more

Cornerstone on Anti-social Behaviour

With the introduction of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, victims of anti-social behaviour also now have tools to enable them to insist on a response to a problem where nothing seems to have been done. It sets out the following six tools which came into use from October 2014: 1. Injunction 2. Criminal Behaviour Order 3. Dispersal Powers 4. Community Protection Notices and Orders 5. Public Spaces... Read more

Cyber Security: Law and Guidance

Implementing appropriate security measures will be an advantage when protecting organisations from regulatory action and litigation in cyber security law: can you provide a defensive shield? Cyber Security: Law and Guidance provides an overview of legal developments in cyber security and data protection in the European Union and the United Kingdom, focusing on the key cyber security laws and related legal instruments, including those for data protection and payment services.... Read more

A Practical Guide to INTERPOL and Red Notices

Cross-border investigations are on the increase; are you confident that you can effectively challenge a Red Notice? The last thirty years have seen a huge increase in co-operation between international law enforcement agencies in relation to the investigation of cross-border and transnational crime. A significant contributor to this increased co-operation is INTERPOL, which has a significant role in the sharing of intelligence and the circulation of Red Notices. This comprehensive... Read more

Criminal Records, Privacy and the Criminal Justice System: A Handbook

The effect of a criminal record or arrest can be long-lasting and damaging. Setting out the steps that can help clients to navigate the effect of their criminal record, improve their job prospects, and protect against harmful disclosure of their private life. Criminal Records, Privacy and the Criminal Justice System: A Handbook is a primer on the law and available applications to be taken for clients relating to privacy, criminal... Read more

Corporate Liability: Work Related Deaths and Criminal Prosecutions

The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 has created a new offence of corporate manslaughter. This new edition of Corporate Liability: Work Related Deaths and Criminal Prosecutions is the only book to provide, in a single source, an expert guide to general procedure and practice surrounding this topic. The new edition of this key text on corporate manslaughter brings you right up to date following a number of developments... Read more

Vulnerable Witnesses within Family and Criminal Proceedings

Are you prepared to protect the vulnerable in court? A guide to the rights of witnesses and the duties of advocates in family and criminal proceedings. Explaining the legal structure currently in place to assist vulnerable individuals, this brand new title covers every stage of proceedings, including the investigation/pre-proceeding, and postproceedings, whilst also looking at anonymity and protective orders. In addition, it discusses the sanctions available to the court if... Read more

Criminal Appeals Handbook

With a Foreword by Sir Adrian Fulford, Vice President, Court of Appeal Criminal Division. Provides practical assistance to legal representatives of clients who are seeking to challenge convictions or sentences in the Court of Appeal and beyond. This text is also of interest to those convicted and their families, not by encouraging them to conduct appeals themselves, given how complex the process can be, but in assisting them to understand... Read more

Criminal Disclosure Referencer

Disclosure remains the most important part of trial preparation and can often make the difference between conviction and acquittal. The process can only work and produce fair results if all parties to the process are aware of their duties. The second edition of Criminal Disclosure Referencer (first edition: The Disclosure Referencer) provides practitioners with a practical, user-friendly guide to the law and guidance relating to the disclosure of unused material.... Read more

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: International Legal and Regulatory Challenges

The importance of blockchain and cryptocurrencies continually evolving. The first book on this increasingly important topic, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: International Legal and Regulatory Challenges, is a pioneering and seminal read which aims to identify regulatory gaps and establish the first applicable legal framework. Written by well-known experts in cyber law, this reference work covers: · Blockchain – IP/ownership/legal consequences of use/areas of regulation · Crypto Assets – Security of wallets/IP/Data... Read more

Cross-Examination in Criminal Trials

Cross-examination is explained in this fantastic text as an integral part of the whole process of criminal advocacy including examination-in-chief, re-examination and closing speeches, and covers strategy, tactics and persuasion which lead to the proof of facts. Cross Examination in Criminal Trials is a systematic and comprehensive analysis of the technique of cross-examination in criminal trials and provides a structure for converting natural talent into a professional skill. Contents Chapter... Read more

The Protest Handbook

“It is a pleasure to welcome a book such as this; one that compendiously sets out the law relevant to protest. It will no doubt become a standard resource for campaigners and their advisers.” Shami Chakrabarti and James Welch, Liberty (the National Council for Civil Liberties) (from the Foreword) The only handbook available that exclusively covers both the criminal and civil aspects of this area of protest law. Guiding practitioners... Read more

Youth Court Guide

The Youth Court Guide is the definitive legal handbook for practitioners involved in the youth court. It provides an in-depth knowledge of the youth court system, as well as the fundamental principles and day-to-day practice that pertain to it, with direction on every stage of youth justice. This new edition brings the work fully up to date ensuring it remains a first port of call text providing guidance on practice... Read more

Fraud: A Practitioner’s Handbook

“This excellent book…is the product of considerable industry and of a great deal of skill and experience… and certainly should find its way into the library of all who conduct criminal litigation in fraud cases, amongst them the judges on whom the duty of trying these cases fall.” HHJ Alistair McCreath, Recorder of Westminster, Southwark Crown Court (from the Foreword) This concise guide to the practice of fraud cases covers... Read more