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With market-leading advice for legal professionals working within company law, we offer an extensive range of titles in this field.  In addition, you can compliment our print portfolio with our online services provide the perfect digital package for your legal requirements.

Recently Published and Popular Titles

The upcoming sixth edition of Partnership Law is written specifically with the practitioner in mind.  It is the go-to text for any practitioner working in this complex area of law. Fully revised and updated, this edition provides up-to-date answers to all questions which can arise on the formation, operation and dissolution of such partnerships.

Rights and Duties of Directors 2018/2019 is a fully revised and updated publication that takes into account the extensive changes and new case law since the previous edition. This highly practical guide sets out the rights and powers of directors and their duties.

Our definitive guide to the constantly changing corporate governance landscape is neatly encapsulated in Chambers’ Corporate Governance Handbook. Now in its seventh edition, this text provides invaluable guidance to guarantee you are up-to-date with the best practices within the legal, ethical and practical parameters of corporate governance.

Our extensive company law titles are written by key authors in the field, providing both depth and breadth to your practice needs.  Bloomsbury Professional online provides its users with access to legal commentary and analysis from our books, case studies and looseleaf journals. Be sure to browse the full range of titles listed below…

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Company Law Books

Joint Ventures and Shareholders’ Agreements

Baffled by joint venture and shareholder agreements? Guidance on the new PSC Register is just one of the things that small businesses need to understand. Helping you to identify the central issues involved in joint venture transactions, take effective instructions and draft good documentation using precedents, case studies and checklists. Now covers: Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 (including the official guidance on new register of Persons of Significant... Read more

Partnership Law

Partnership Law, 6th edition provides up to date answers to all questions which can arise on the formation, operation and dissolution of such partnerships and which can arise in disputes between parties, ex-partners and outsiders. Fully revised and updated this new edition will include coverage of: – The introduction of the Private Fund Limited Partnership (PFLP) in 2017 – Application of discrimination law in the context of partnerships/LLPs: Seldon v... Read more

Bribery: A Compliance Handbook

“One of the great strengths of this book is the way the authors blend good practical legal advice, genuine insight about the attitude and approach of the authorities in the UK, and off-the-shelf policies to help corporate bodies navigate their way through these often difficult waters… The game has changed and those who ignore the practical advice offered in this book do so at their own peril.” Sir Keir Starmer... Read more

Chambers’ Corporate Governance Handbook

Many firms have implemented corporate governance, yet have fallen into collapse and scandal involving their operations. What has gone wrong? Chambers’ Corporate Governance Handbook is the definitive, practical guide to the ever changing corporate governance landscape highlighting the potential pitfalls, tackling the issues, placing blame where appropriate, and recommending possible solutions to these problems. Providing invaluable, practical guidance Chambers’ Corporate Governance Handbook ensures that you are up to date and... Read more

Beswick and Wine: Buying and Selling Private Companies and Businesses

Structured to reflect the process in practice Beswick and Wine: Buying and Selling Private Companies and Businesses focuses on the key commercial, tax and legal issues that arise from business sales. By addressing fundamental issues from the perspective of both the seller and the purchaser it is a perfect handbook for all those involved in such acquisitions. From due diligence through to completion of the share purchase or business transfer... Read more

Commercial Agency Agreements: Law and Practice

Examines the standard commercial agency agreement where an agent is self-employed and paid a commission on sales he or she generates for the principal as it is those agents that fall within the Regulations. It addresses the drafting of such agreements as well as termination and compensation and includes examples of agency contracts and coverage of the majority of UK judgments. The fifth edition has been updated to include: Ramsay... Read more

Shareholder Actions

Shareholder Actions is a comprehensive guide to the possible actions shareholders may be entitled to pursue, on whichever side of the dispute they might be involved. As well as unfair prejudice and derivative actions, and the many personal actions arising from the Companies Act 2006, the book covers actions based in common law and equity, as well as actions based in other statutory law. It also explores occurrences of directors... Read more

Company Acquisitions Handbook

Company Acquisitions Handbook, Tenth Edition is an essential step by step guide to the acquisition process, from some of the UK’s leading corporate strategy and corporate finance experts. This highly practical guide covers all aspects of the corporate acquisition process, from the strategic decision to make an acquisition, to planning and implementation, all the way through to post acquisition management. The tenth edition is updated to include coverage of: –... Read more

Company Law Handbook 2017

Company Law Handbook 2017 addresses the key features and principles of modern company law from a practitioner’s viewpoint in a practical, clear and user-friendly style. Company Law Handbook 2017 is designed to keep you up to date with changes in the law as it affects the running of a business. Rather than taking an encyclopaedic approach, Company Law Handbook 2017 takes a more practical approach by charting the company lifecycle... Read more

HSE and Environment Agency Prosecution: The New Climate

Sentencing guidelines impose tough penalties for health and safety and environmental offences: how can you avoid them? The introduction of the sentencing guidelines in February 2016 has seen health and safety prosecutions treble, particularly in relation to corporate manslaughter, with tougher penalties imposed and fines exceeding £20 million being handed down. With fines having a detrimental effect on both turnover and reputation, how can companies protect themselves? HSE and Environment... Read more

Ashton & Reid on Clubs and Associations

The diversity and complexity of the legal issues that can arise in the course of the activities of a club, society or association present numerous questions for those advising and managing those bodies for which they need guidance. Problems range from the interpretation of rules to anti-discrimination legislation. Legal issues can span alcohol licensing, charities, company law, employment law, expulsion procedures, litigation, meetings, promotion of lotteries, property law and taxation.... Read more

Cyber Security: Law and Guidance

Implementing appropriate security measures will be an advantage when protecting organisations from regulatory action and litigation in cyber security law: can you provide a defensive shield? Cyber Security: Law and Guidance provides an overview of legal developments in cyber security and data protection in the European Union and the United Kingdom, focusing on the key cyber security laws and related legal instruments, including those for data protection and payment services.... Read more

A Guide to Conducting Internal Investigations

Internal investigations can be undertaken by a company or firm as a precursor to anticipated regulatory action, or for many other reasons. This title explains what a good regulatory investigation looks like whilst guiding investigators through the myriad of issues that can arise. It also dismantles many of the preconceptions and myths which have grown up around investigations in the post-financial crisis environment. Investigations are part of the ‘business as... Read more

Rights and Duties of Directors 2018/19

Rights and Duties of Directors 2018/19 is a highly practical and comprehensive publication which clearly sets out the rights and powers of directors and their duties. Highly practical and comprehensive, it details each and every duty in relation to the core administration, compliance and disclosure requirements of company law and other closely associated legislation. The 17th edition is fully revised and updated to take account of the wide ranging changes... Read more

Directors’ Remuneration Handbook

“I enjoyed reading it – which I did from cover to cover and refer back to it too!” Chris Spencer-Phillips, MD, First Flight Non-Executive Directors How much, when to pay, what to pay for and how to motivate directors are key questions to ask when a detailed framework of knowledge is required. Directors’ Remuneration Handbook, Second Edition provides this framework, the information and tools to answer these questions. It explains... Read more

Doing Business After Brexit

On 23 June, 2016 the UK voted to leave the European Union. Uncertainly has caused market volatility, illiquidity in property funds, fear amongst individuals and the OECD reported on 11 July, 2016 that the economic shock and disruption delivered by Brexit is on a par with the impact of devastating and unforeseen natural disasters. Doing Business After Brexit: A Practical Guide to the Legal Issues considers the legal issues arising... Read more

Exemption Clauses and Unfair Terms

An in-depth, comprehensive, and totally updated guide to the legal issues relating to common exemption clauses, and the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999. The expert analysis covers both the incorporation and construction of the key clauses, the relevant legislation, plus the recent Law Commissions’ proposal for a single piece of unfair terms legislation. This indispensable information is presented in a clear and practical fashion enabling practitioners to quickly... Read more