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The third edition of Ashton and Reid on Clubs and Associations is the definitive guide to the legal framework within which the charity and not-for-profit sector operates.  This upcoming publication tackles the complexity of the legal issues that professionals working within the sector, or advising charitable organisations, may encounter.

Our publications are complimented by our club law online services that can be tailored to suit your practice needs. Be sure to browse the full range of titles that may be of interest to your professional practice.

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Ashton & Reid on Clubs and Associations

The diversity and complexity of the legal issues that can arise in the course of the activities of a club, society or association present numerous questions for those advising and managing those bodies for which they need guidance. Problems range from the interpretation of rules to anti-discrimination legislation. Legal issues can span alcohol licensing, charities, company law, employment law, expulsion procedures, litigation, meetings, promotion of lotteries, property law and taxation.... Read more