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Medical Treatment: Decisions and the Law

Medical Treatment Decisions and the Law covers an increasingly important area of law, seeking to place medical decision-making in its context and to provide practical guidance to the solution of many problems likely to be encountered in practice. It concentrates on the decisions involved in obtaining authority for the provision, the withholding and withdrawal of physical medical treatment and care and the legal requirements and consequences of the decision-making process.... Read more

Children’s Views and Evidence

Can you hear the child’s voice? The Court of Appeal have commented that the family courts are ‘still feeling their way forward in order to determine how best to ‘hear the voice of a child’. In this new title David Burrows looks at the jurisprudence surrounding this remark, relates it to European and UN Convention rights and looks at the most recent children case law. It concentrates on: Children in... Read more

Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery: Law and Practice

Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery Law and Practice is a concise, practical, guide to modern slavery and human trafficking law and procedure, in a step by step format, covering all aspects of representing victims of human trafficking and the law surrounding this. Its cross-discipline approach offers practical guidance for criminal and immigration practitioners unfamiliar with each side of these practice areas. Covers the following areas: Introduction – legal background, framework,... Read more

A Practical Guide to Family Proceedings: Blomfield and Brooks

Are you concerned about falling foul of the pitfalls across the spectrum of modern family proceedings? Established as a straightforward, easy-to-follow handbook of procedure, A Practical Guide to Family Proceedings: Blomfield and Brooks offers step-by-step guidance on the effective conduct of all the most common types of family law application. Fully revised and restructured in line with the changes resulting from the creation of the Family Court, the new Sixth... Read more

Child Migration: International Family and Immigration Laws

The Office of the Head of International Family Justice for England & Wales (created in 2005) has advised on ‘The need for all involved in family law to integrate a trans-national mind-set into their approach to resolving cases …, especially given globalisation, increasing movement of persons across borders, and the ever rising number of family units which are truly international.’ Child Migration: International Family and Immigration Laws serves to fill... Read more

Child Protection and the Family Court: What you Need to Know

Child protection made simple: the plain-speaking guide for all those concerned with the protection of children. Providing a clear and uncomplicated route through the child protection process. Diagrams and charts are included to aid understanding; jargon and acronyms are only included in order to explain them and key court decisions are explained in their proper context. In addition to coverage of local authority safeguarding duties and investigations, parental responsibility, wardship... Read more

Youth Court Guide

The Youth Court Guide is the definitive legal handbook for practitioners involved in the youth court. It provides an in-depth knowledge of the youth court system, as well as the fundamental principles and day-to-day practice that pertain to it, with direction on every stage of youth justice. This new edition brings the work fully up to date ensuring it remains a first port of call text providing guidance on practice... Read more

Financial Abuse of Older Clients: Law, Practice and Prevention

‘This book is best suited to those seeking to learn about and update their knowledge of the area generally and to act as a toolkit for professionals.’ Holly Chantler, Director, Solicitors for the Elderly Financial Abuse of Older Clients: Law, Practice and Prevention is written in a practical, accessible style providing analysis, comment and in-depth analysis helping solicitors and others to be proactive in protecting their older clients. It covers:... Read more