Immigration Law (21 January – 4 February)

Immigration News

Man, 90, told to fly to US to get correct visa to remain in UK with wife

The Guardian – 30 January

The Home Office has denied a 90-year-old man the right to appeal the rejection of his visa from within the UK. The man, who has been married to his British wife for 25 years and who has arthritis, memory problems and diabetes, has been told he will now need to travel back to the US in order to apply for a permanent visa.

Official guidance on the good character citizenship test

Free Movement – 28 January

John Vassilou discusses the latest version of the Home Office’s guidance on good character requirement. The test is a statutory provision in the British Nationality Act 1981 and applies to anyone, over the age of ten, wishing to become a British citizen. Changes include a new section on ‘extremism and unacceptable behaviour’.

The Immigration Bill: An end to free movement

Politics Home – 28 January

Hannah Wilkins from the House of Commons Library discusses The Immigration Bill which had its second reading on 28 January in the House of Commons. The Bill would put an end to free movement and bring EU citizens living in the UK under domestic UK law. The Bill does not include plans for the future immigration system, which is still unclear.

MPs join forces in drive to end indefinite immigration detention

The Guardian – 27 January

A number of MPs, including Harriet Harman and David Davis, are attempting to stop people being held indefinitely in detention centres, by using an amendment to the Immigration Bill going through parliament. In 2017, 10,331 people were detained for longer than 28 days, which is something Harman hopes to make illegal.

May drops £65 fee for EU nationals seeking post-Brexit settled status

The Guardian – 21 January

The government has now waived the £65 fee for EU nationals wanting to apply for settled status in the UK. The fee waiver was included in a revised Brexit strategy, following the rejection of Theresa May’s deal. Anyone who has already applied for settled status will have their fee reimbursed.