Family Law (21 January – 4 February)

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Supreme Court ruling could help thousands of children threatened with DBS disclosure

Cypnow – 31 January

A landmark Supreme Court judgment has ruled that the disclosure of youth reprimands to employers is now unlawful, potentially benefiting thousands of young people. Disclosures of these nature on Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) forms can affect people’s careers and are often disproportionate to the crimes committed.

Addressing the ‘unsustainable’ workload in the family courts is Number One priority, says President

Family Law Week – 25 January

Sir Andrew McFarlane’s first ‘View from The President’s Chambers’ has once again drawn attention to the unsustainably high workload in the family courts, and he has stated this is his number one priority. A high volume of cases, and a rise in the number of litigants in person are both contributing factors.

46% of people still think cohabitants are protected by a common law marriage

Family Law Hub – 24 January

Findings from this year’s British Social Attitudes Survey revealed that 46% of adult respondents believe cohabiting partners are protected by a common law marriage and receive similar rights to those who are married. This figure was higher for households with children.

UK named in Council of Europe sharia warning

Law Society Gazette – 23 January

The body overseeing the European Convention on Human Rights has called upon the UK to make it a legal requirement for Muslim couples to register their marriage civilly, alongside the religious ceremony. This is due to concerns over sharia law, which discriminates against women in cases such as divorce and inheritance.