Unpacking Mediation 2: Voluntary

This is the second of five blogposts looking at key elements in the classic definition of mediation. My first published on 10 October 2018 discussed confidentiality: In this one I ask: how voluntary is mediation? And: does it matter any way? Let’s be clear.  There is a difference between disputing parties having to consider. Read more

Unpacking Mediation 1: Confidentiality

What is mediation? Usually the answer is something like: “Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process where the parties to a dispute invite a neutral third party to facilitate them finding their own solution to their dispute.” Does this theoretical definition apply in practice? In this series of five blogposts I look at mediation keywords:. Read more

Mediation – the value-add tool for the workplace

National mediation week is a great time to remind us of the benefits of mediation in the workplace. During times of economic uncertainty and business downturns the spotlight is often turned on to HR departments. This can be because questions about how value is being added can start to be asked. HR professionals have had. Read more

Mediation Awareness Week

Stephen Walker who is also a Bloomsbury author and mediator introduces this blog post from David Richbell who sadly died last week. David Richbell was one of the great men of mediation. Not just in the UK but also internationally. Renowned and revered as a mediator, mentor, trainer, innovator and thought leader David leaves an. Read more

Q&A with Helen Curtis

Bloomsbury Professional catch up with barrister and mediation specialist, Helen Curtis,  in time for Mediation Awareness Week (MAW). Why is mediation so important? It offers an opportunity to end a dispute; it provides a forum for direct communication between the parties and the chance to influence the future; it allows more outcomes than are available. Read more

Arbitration (27 August – 24 September)

Arbitration Recent developments in India-related international arbitration Herbert Smith Freehills – 18 September Herbert Smith Freehills discuss the latest developments in India-related international arbitration. Topics range from the recent Vodaphone arbitral decision to the Delhi High Court emphasising its reluctance to interfere with decisions of arbitral tribunals. Amendments have been made to the Indian Arbitration. Read more

Arbitration (2 July – 27 August)

Arbitration News Conoco says Venezuela will pay $2 billion arbitration award The Washington Post – 20 August ConocoPhillips, a US oil giant has now reached an agreement with Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, PDVSA and has been awarded $2 billion as a ten-year old dispute is finally resolved. Conoco will suspend legal actions to seize PDVSA’s. Read more

Arbitration (7 May – 11 June)

Arbitration (7 May – 11 June)

Arbitration News English Court of Appeal considers disclosure of arbitral appointments in related or overlapping references Herbert Smith Freehills – 6 June Herbert Smith Freehills discuss the case of Halliburton Company v Chubb Bermuda Insurance Ltd [2018] EWCA Civ 817. The English Court of Appeal had to decide whether an arbitrator could ‘accept multiple appointments. Read more

Arbitration (28 March – 11 May)

Arbitration (28 March – 11 May)

Arbitration News White & Case partner Dipen Sabharwal discusses the 2018 International Arbitration Survey White & Case – 9 May White & Case have partnered with the School of International Arbitration, Queen Mary University of London to produce the 2018 International Arbitration Survey. Dipen Sabharwal highlights the key findings of the survey in a video. Read more

ODR and Mediation- A Marriage Made in Heaven?

ODR and Mediation- A Marriage Made in Heaven?

Ask most mediators and they will tell that ODR is not true mediation and is a threat to mediators. Why? The three main reasons are: 1.    Disagreement about what ODR means. Mediators disagree about what ODR means and confuse the different types. ODR 1 is the automated algorithm-based systems used by the likes of Google. Read more

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